Variable Iris


80451 - Variable Iris


Continuously Variable Iris is for use with models that use the Infragon or Uvagon objective lens

Product Description

The 80451 Variable Iris attachment works as an accessory to the standard lens. The variable iris is used to control intensity and to increase the depth-of-field. This reduces the necessity to refocus for changes in distance.

This variable irisis for use with FIND-R-SCOPE®models that use the Infragon objective lens. The Infragon lens is standard with models 84499A, 84499A-5, 85268A, 85268A-5, 85100, 85100-5, 85100A, 85100A-5, 85050A, 85050A-5, 85051A and 85051A-5. This variable iris is also compatible with models 84499, 84499-5, 85100 and 85100-5 when used with the standard Infragon lens.

This item is not required for c-mount lenses. The c-mount lenses have an adjustable iris built-in.


Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 2.3 × 2.1 × 0.71 in